Our story

A 5th generation farm that earns trust through transparent farming by producing nutrient-rich, pasture-raised, fed organic feed poultry.

Nestled in the picturesque St Brides section of Chesapeake, Virginia, our farm embodies the essence of sustainable agriculture and ethical stewardship. As a USDA transitional organic farm, we are dedicated to following stringent organic mandates while striving for excellence beyond the standard requirements. Spanning over 40 acres of lush pastureland, our farm is a haven for biodiversity, teeming with natural insects, birds, and predators that contribute to the vibrant ecosystem.

At the heart of our operation are our broiler chickens, which are raised with utmost care and respect for their well-being. Housed in innovative hoop-style structures, these chickens enjoy daily rotations onto fresh organic grass, providing them with ample space to roam and forage. This rotational grazing not only ensures the health and vitality of the pasture but also allows the chickens to express their natural behaviors while benefiting from a diverse diet of grasses and insects.

Our laying hens, too, experience the freedom of pasture life, roaming freely on the verdant fields and soaking up the sunshine. They are provided with spacious outdoor enclosures that offer protection from predators while allowing them to engage in natural behaviors such as dust bathing and scratching. By integrating our hens into the pasture ecosystem, we promote soil health and fertility, creating a sustainable cycle of regeneration and growth.

Central to our commitment to organic farming is the quality of our feed. We go above and beyond to ensure that our chickens receive the freshest and most nutritious organic feed available. Specially formulated and shipped directly to our farm, our organic feed is meticulously crafted to meet the dietary needs of our birds, supporting their health and vitality at every stage of life.

Here on our farm, we take pride in overseeing the entire life cycle of our chickens, from hatch to harvest. Every aspect of their care is guided by principles of humane treatment and cleanliness, ensuring that they lead healthy and fulfilling lives. By prioritizing animal welfare and environmental sustainability, we strive to set a high standard for ethical farming practices and inspire others to join us on the journey towards a more sustainable future.

Mission Statement

To earn and maintain the trust of our community through transparent farming which nurtures the soil and grasses to produce nutrient-rich food for our family, friends, and patrons.

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Our chickens are never medicated, never vaccinated, never fed a GMO grain, and never mistreated. They live on grass with plenty of room to move around and forage for bugs in open air chicken tractors that are moved daily to fresh ground and are fed a proprietary blend of organic feed. They’re so happy you can taste it!